Constitution Documents

These documents show the details of a proposal to amend the constitution of the Club in several ways.  The first document in the list is the notice of a Special General Meeting to be held on 21 October 2021 to consider and vote on a special resolution to amend the constitution.  This notice provides details of the 5 main categories where the constitution is proposed to be amended.  The notice was posted to all members who were members on 1 August 2021.
Notice of Special General Meeting – Click here

The other 3 documents accessible on this page show:

  1. the constitution as it currently exists;
  2. a document showing in red the proposed changes to the constitution; and
  3. the constitution as it will appear if the amendments are approved at the special general meeting on 21 October 2021.

Click The Links Below to open and view or download the document

  1. Original Constitution – Click here
  2. Revised Constitution with markups – Click here
  3. Amended Constitution – Click here