Articles by Wendy Gronau
Only mad Buick car owners would get up very early to go on a breakfast run on a Sunday morning. Thank goodness we also decided to make the effort to do so & arrived at Richmond by 7.30am only to see most of the others had already arrived & parked waiting to set off at 8am. Even though we had driven this route many times before somehow to day seemed extra special & so I decided to jot down things that took my fancy. The streets of Richmond were flanked by the most beautiful array of Crepe Myrtle with so many different colours, driving out of town the Lantana growing along the road in flowers mauve, orange & yellow it just seemed to be the right time of year to be in flower & on show.
Heading up the mountain the road became quite steep & looking down both sides of the valley the view of green vistas with the early mist rising was quite lovely. Soon we were really climbing up the Bell Bird Hill to Kurrajong Heights, & with the Bellbirds singing in the tall Gum trees helped to make the drive perfect. Sadly some of the cars had some trouble on the steep hill & after parking & breakfast they left. Our new member Jeff Ward & friend Rodney in a 1928 had had no trouble. Breakfast had been booked by Geraldine in this quaint old home built in the early days named “Lochiel House” & soon it was bursting with Buick members enjoying themselves with a great breakfast & lots of chatter.
Bob & Jan Caleo led off the mob down a scenic drive via Kurmond road down to Bob’s son Michael, Cathy & daughter’s home the drive once again proved so interesting with extensive views of green ridges & ever alert to find the correct road to turn off. Once again we were made so welcome by Michael & wife who had set up tables & chairs inside a huge garage for us & offered homemade biscuits & chocolate slice with tea & coffee. Everyone was off again chatting & either cooking BBQ or eating lunch from home. Plenty of parking provided on the green grass & the 30 odd members stayed well past 3pm, as no one wanted to leave. We all appreciated the great hospitality Michael & Cathy provided.
Here are the people who came most to breakfast some to lunch; Massey – Greg & Geraldine, Allen – Peter & Gwen, Saddington – John & Maggie, Gronau – Claus & Wendy, Pendlebury – Len & Kay, Noonan – Ron & Beverly, Ferrett – Gary & Janice, Mansford – Owen, Caleo – Bob & Jan, Gerdtz – John & Barbara, Russell – Jim & Virginia, McMaster – Ray & Susan, Ward – Geoff Ward & Rodney, Gentilcore – Tony & Barbara, Panich – Peter & Lyn, McInnes – Mark & Jill.
Wendy Gronau