Membership Application Form

If you are NOT YET a Member, please complete the online membership application form shown below to pay your membership fees immediately by credit card, debit card or Paypal. You can also complete this online form to pay by Direct Deposit and Cheque.

If you would prefer to complete your renewal form offline and post it to the Treasurer Click Here to download the PDF application form.

When you select a payment option below, you will be given the choice of the form of the Club’s monthly magazine “The Buick News”, which you will receive each month.  The first option is to receive by post a full colour, commercially-printed copy of the magazine.  The alternative option is the electronic version of the magazine.  For the electronic magazine you will need to log into the Members Only section of this website each month to access it.  Why not try the printed magazine to start with?  You can change to the alternative electronic version at any subsequent renewal date. Click here for our part year fee policy