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What’s the fee payable for a part-year membership?2022-07-14T14:41:49+10:00

NSW Club’s Membership year is from 1 July to 30 June.

The full year’s membership fee is payable regardless of when a new member joins the club.  However, where a new member joins after 31 December in a membership year, he or she will be given a credit towards the membership fee for the following year.  The credit calculation will be as follows:

  • A new member who elects to access the electronic (PDF) version of the club’s monthly magazine and who joins after 31 March will have 75% of the fee paid credited to the following year.  If the new member joins between 1 January and 31 March, a credit of 50% of the fee paid will be credited to the following year.
  • A new member who elects to receive the printed (Hard Copy) version of the Club’s monthly magazine and who joins after 31 December will receive a pro rata credit related to the number of magazines sent.  For example, a new member who joins and is listed to receive the club magazine for the months of March, April, May and June will receive a credit of 8/12ths of the fee paid, being in respect of the 8 editions of the magazine not received.
How do I add my Buick to the Members Cars?2019-10-07T17:05:31+11:00

To submit your Buick for inclusion in “Member’s Cars” on this website, please complete the online form below.

Member's Cars Gallery Submission Form

  • Enter the Year Make and Model
  • Enter the owner's Name and Surname please
  • Perhaps start with a little history, the search for it or what made you buy it. It's condition and what you've done to it or intend to do. What you enjoy about it and the club.
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, png, Max. file size: 1 MB, Max. files: 10.
      Only JPG or PNG file formats accepted. 1MB maximum per picture is allowed. Upload up to 6 image files. Maybe a 3/4 shot from the front, engine bay, interior, rear, before and after etc. Of course have some shots with you in them too. View Al's Photo tips:

    What’s the Deal with Historic Registration?2017-06-30T19:16:55+10:00

    Historic Rego is a great option to save money and now NSW has a free Log Book system which gives you an additional 60 days where you can drive anywhere you want. (doesn’t have to be a club sanctioned run)

    1) Firstly, you need to be a financial member of this club
    2) You need to have a Pink Slip from your mechanic.
    3) Complete the Historic Vehicle Registration Form.  click here to download
    4) When our Plate’s Registrar returns your stamped form go to the RMS and pay the fee which is about $55
    (The first time you will also be issued plates and it will cost a little more)
    5) Make sure you ask the RMS to put you onto the Log Book system.

    Additional information on the RMS site click here

    Current financial members: You will find a link to the Historic Rego Application Page in the “Members Only” section. The current password is at the top of Page 4 in your Buick News magazine.

    How can I join the Buick Car Club – NSW?2022-03-26T11:20:23+11:00

    Membership is open to all Buick owners and enthusiasts. Click Here Now to complete your Membership Application Request Online. If you would like to download a hard copy of the membership application Click here. Currently we have a FREE PDF magazine Offer! Complete the form below to receive a free PDF copy.

    Sample PDF Copy

    • Or Your Dream Model
    How can I get my Buick featured in the Buick News Magazine?2016-12-15T15:27:12+11:00

    In each issue we try to feature a variety of years / styles of Buicks. Showcases should include a story and photos that tell us about your car and the experience of ownership. We prefer that the story be prepared in MS Word or in the body of an email, not to exceed 750 words. The photos should be imaginative, taken at different angles with some close-ups of unusual features, such as interior, engine, wheels, emblems, etc. Always be aware of the background and lighting. The photos should be digital, approximately 500kb to 1mb in size. The story and photos should be e-mailed to the magazine committee. click here

    Are back issues of the Buick News Magazine available?2016-11-28T16:50:47+11:00

    Hard copies are not available but full colour back issues can be downloaded from our Members Only section at no charge.

    How do I place a classified ad?2017-07-19T11:09:00+10:00

    Current financial members are entitled to free classified ads in Buick News magazine. Ads must contain the member’s full name. Cars for Sale must include a price and city/state where the car is located. Non member’s cars can be listed for 3 months for an admin fee of $30. All ads for cars, parts and literature, will not be repeated unless requested.

    For more details click here to email the webmaster.

    Deadline for Buick News magazine is the 20th day of each month, for publication the following month.

    To submit your Car Advertisement for inclusion in “Marketplace” on this website, please complete the online form below.

    Marketplace Ad Submission Form

    • Enter the title to describe the car you are selling. Year Make and Model at least
    • Perhaps start with Odometer reading, the history, it's condition, what needs attention. Registration Status etc
    • Drop files here or
      Accepted file types: jpg, png, Max. file size: 1 MB, Max. files: 6.
        Upload up to 6 image files. We will be in touch regarding your submitted ad shortly. Thank you
      • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

      How can I access the Members Only section?2022-03-26T11:26:44+11:00

      Password is required. The Password codes change every month and are listed in each issue of the Buick News Magazine under the page headed New South Wales, Buick Meeting Programme, Top left. They expire as soon as the next issue is published. Members will also receive an email to advise the new password every month.

      They are case sensitive and must be entered exactly as they appear.

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