Article and Photography – Barbara Gentilcore
Before setting out on a cloudy day with the sun breaking through, Tony decided the 65 needed a wash. It had rained the previous day leaving spots all over the paintwork and that wouldn’t do for GM Day Display! All packed and on the road with Barbara the way was bright with yellow and orange Banksias, red berry bushes and patches of Autumn tones here and there.

There was a droning sound which caused some concern and testing of this and that with the comment that it ‘must be the diff’ Taking the M4 West Connex Barbara commented that they hadn’t travelled this way in a long time. There was a lot of construction taking place next to the road. Tony was testing the Dual Quads!

Arriving at the new venue the entrance of the Musuem of Fire at Penrith was quite impressive. Over some time a total of 15 Buicks arrived and parked in a great spot with music close by. Camp Buick was set up sans the tent and coffee with Barbara’s Anzac biscuits was very enjoyable.

The cars attending were: Peter Small (23), Danny Wood (25), Peter Allen (29 Marquette), Rob & Kerri-anne McBrien (37), Frank Smith (50), Bob & Linda Farrow (63), Lloyd Bracher (63), Tony & Barbara Gentilcore (65 Riv), Claus & Wendy Gronau (72 Riv), John Gerdtz (78 Park Avenue), Ron Noonan (69), Greg Massey (78 Riv), Hans & Alison Spannenberg (63), Mark Laycock (72), Mike Doggett (48)
Paul Camilleri displayed his supercharged Chev Pickup Truck and Garry and Janice Ferrett visited us for the day.

The new venue was well received. It was spacious but a better shape than Panthers with lots of mingling of the different marques of 210 cars. Wendy & Claus went through the Museum which they really enjoyed.

Mike’s car was very popular for photos through the day and Bob found a great way to relax having a snooze on a picnic rug. There were some interesting bugs flying around with a bright yellow area on the body which Barbara enjoyed photographing and testing out her new camera. It was warm and sunny at times, chasing the shade to sit in comfortably while chatting or reading the paper.

At the presentation, Honoury Buick Member Mark McInnes helped Peter Keley GM Executive Sales Director from Melbourne to present the many car clubs trophies.

Congratulations to Buick Winners Rob & Kerri-anne McBrien, Mike Doggett & Tony & Barbara Gentilcore. Buick Member Kevin Liddy attended in his Chev with Marie and his son Kevin and was presented with a prize. Car of the Day was a Camaro RSS owned by the Muscat family.

Some young first timers were acknowledged and encouraged by everyone and the Ken Harding trophy went to Paul Shears with an FX Sedan presented by Ken’s children.

A cheque was presented to the CEO of the Museum Mark White who was very appreciative and was quite happy with the day and the turnout.

On the way home Tony tried the Cruise Control which still worked surprisingly well! Along the M4 again the odd noise and squeak was commented on. An enjoyable day, some where new with good weather.