Article and Photography – Barbara Gentilcore
We set off from the Northside early with a good trip up to the Diggers to meet up with other Buicks going to Chromfest. Hellos all around, checked out the cars, Paul was looking very dapper and John Stewart was polishing his beauty with a big yellow glove while talking to Peter Allen. It was turning into a lovely sunny day with a few clouds. Saddington’s (66 Skylark), Stewarts (73 Centurion), Mark Laycock (72 Electra 2dr ), Paul White (36), Gentilcore’s (71 Riviera), Allen’s (Chev), Masseys joined Camp Buick later having come in a modern as their Buick wouln’t start.

Off in convoy with 6 cars through town to our parking area for Chromefest was fraut with difficulties with changes to the route and around we go again before finally arriving in Coral Street. The Pie shop and a coffee shop were close by so Camp Buick was set up over the other side of the street under the awning. The Club banners looked good at the end of the cars. Morning tea was the next thing with a lovely Marshmallow Slice. Yum.

Everyone took off in groups male & female for a look around the cars or the market area and stalls. A quite successful interesting market time for the ladies. Around 7 other Buicks were on display here and there. Bands were playing with dancing at the main stage. Public area renovations and less stalls were noticable but there was still a good buzz with lots of people. The renovated Pie shop was a good option for most of the Buick people for lunch with many varieties tasted.

Tony was presented with a purple trophy for the Boattail as one of the 20 winners and also a Meguiars product pack. Most of us left after the presentation but Tony & Barbara made time for a coffee before leaving. A usual trip home with a bit of traffic here and there. A very pleasant day.