Article and Photography – Barbara Gentilcore
An early Northside start travelling to Guildford to attend the Open Day of Linnwood House. A good trip over via the M4 to an area tucked away just past and over 3 very large water pipes off into the distance. We missed the entrance so understated it was!

A fantastic turnup with 11 Buicks parked in a row. There were a few other car clubs as well with some Vincent bikes, War Jeeps and speed cars possibly up to 60-80 cars. In the Buick line up between Barbie and Geoff Ward’s 27 there was a baby – a small red MG! The Buick Banners flapped in the breeze at each end of the line. Members attending were: Geoff Ward, (27), Vivot ‘s(30), Castle’s (29), Paul White & friend (36), Bob Farrow (63), Graeme Weekes (63 Skylark), Gentilcore’s (71), Gronau’s (72), Stewart’s (73), Russell ‘s (77 Skyhawk), Massey’s (78),

Camp Buick was set up under some lovely shade trees where a large group sat and chatted before taking off for tours of the house, various stalls for craft, bric a brac, books, Carnival & Depression glass, plants and wood craft, Sausage Sizzle, Devonshire Tea and music on the verandah from local Bush Band. Bob was showing the cars to Linda in the UK on Skype and others shouted hello to her. Was lovely to see Allan & Anne Marie Adams & Francois & Francine who have been absent for some time.

The house was built in 1891 by George McCredie who married Susan Faulds Blackwood and bought up a family of 9 children. It has many lovely stained glass windows. In 1917 the property was leased to the Education Department and then purchased by them in 1921. It has been a school for Truant Boys and Special Training School for deprived girls. The house is listed on NSW State Heritage Register and is now under the trusteeship of Holroyd Council with a dedicated ‘Friends of Linnwood’ who open the house 4 times a year.

Barbara started her collection of Carnival Glass with a $5 Lucky Dip of a 3 leafed shape Marigold coloured dish and also found 2 paintings of Heiland Coos (Highland Cows) in the front room which were painted in 1900-1910. Barbara loves Heiland Coos!

Colin won a book prize for his 1929. Not sure what category. Congratulations Colin & Dawn

After the presentation everyone started leaving what had been a lovely day in a lovely spot.