Article reprinted from ‘The Australian Buick Bulletin’ October 1916

Researched and contributed by Marc McInnes from the original magazine.
Bringing out the Stay-at Homes.
The demand for an automobile which shall fulfill all the needs of all the family is answered with utmost present completeness in this Buick six. From the first, Buick builders have kept ahead of the World’s demands. And now the call for a car which a lady can drive with case and safety finds this Buick Six ready.
READY, with its wonderful reserve of power in the Valve-in-Head Motor, controlled by a touch, ready with rhythmic motion – velvety smoothness of running – instant response to starter – immediate stop.
When you own this Buick Six you own ‘all out of doors’.
The Car That a Lady Can Drive and Start.
The family is independent of all inconveniences of travel. It brings you close to the beauty spots around your home and solves the vacation problem.
Confidence in the Buick,
The delightful pleasures of motoring are uniquely combined with physical rest and that mental relaxation which is the result of CONFIDENCE in the Car.
Big and graceful, roomy and full of character; luxurious riding; gasoline economy; in short, mechanical perfection, and that subtle something which we call distinction – these combined place the Buick as the car apart in any crowd.
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