Article reprinted from “The Buick Bulletin of Australasia” June 1920

Researched by Marc McInnes from the original magazine courtesy of Eddie Ford
Mr. Denning’s Buick Amongst – the Sand Hills
(The Editor, “Buick Bulletin.”)
Dear Sir,
The 1917 Model 6 Buick 1 purchased from Messrs. Eyes & Crowle, Ltd., now over two years, after constant running, has indeed been a very satisfactory car. The West Coast of South Australia is by no means a motorist’s paradise. The Good Roads Association have left this vast undeveloped portion of South Australia in its virgin state, which consists of principally mallee and saltbush, and lime stones and sand. The roads in many places are not fit to put a car on. What with mallee stumps, washout, sandhills, and cut up dusty roads, also bog holes when it rains, nothing but a sound car will last, and be frugal to the owner.
The easy running of the six cylinder Buick is due to its three power impulses per revolution of the crank shaft. This continuous flow of overlapping power pulsations results in a flexibility which practically does away with any changing of gears, quick “get-away,” hills in top, from a creep to a racing speed without altering the gears, freedom from vibration, silence, economy in fuel, oil and tyres, which no four cylinder car can perform in the same easy manner. During my itinerary, I have not seen the car that I could write about as I can regarding the Buick. I have proved the Buick for reliability. Its working parts are almost impervious to wear.
It is a pleasure to ride and drive in a Buick. I have not had any engine or ignition trouble. The Buick is a well-designed motor car, and engine accessibility and any adjustments are easily and quickly made. I run my car all over Eyre’s Peninsula, Port Lincoln, Fowler’s Bay, Minippa Hill, Kimba, Port Augusta, and from Franklin Harbour to Adelaide. I am enclosing some photos taken of my car, one at Elliston (Peace Day), and two small snaps of the car going over some of our West Coast sand hills. I have had all sorts of trips over this part, and make my living with the Buick car.
Yours truly,
Posted 01/2003