Article reprinted from “Motor Progress” May 1927 Researched and contributed by Marc McInnes from the original magazine.
Train Load of Vehicles to Broken Hill
(Webmasters Note: see the Buicks at the front of the load)
The shipping of cars to dealers frequently attracts a good deal of attention. Some dealers are near enough to the General Motors Plant to collect their cars and drive them out, but there are many dealers who are far away and cannot leave their businesses for long. To these dealers the cars must be sent by train or by boat, and their arrival, several at a time, can be utilised by the dealer to gain some publicity, both for himself and his organisation.
Messrs. Beck Bros., General Motors dealers for Streaky Bay, South Australia, are among those who are able to make a good display of cars which are shipped to them. Their premises form the nucleus for all transportation business on the West Coast of South Australia, where distances are vast. Streaky Bay is 186 miles west of Port Lincoln, and shipping facilities are not very convenient. Beck Bros., therefore, provide for the convenience of their clients by carrying a complete stock of cars and trucks, shipments by the factory frequently averaging between 10 and 14 vehicles. When a new shipment arrives they line them up, together with their demonstrators and stock cars, and the whole display creates considerable interest in the district.
A firm which has had a big consignment of cars recently is that of Messrs. Cohen & Dittmar, of Broken Hill. The picture shows that nearly a whole train was required to take a recent consignment of cars to this firm. When these arrived, and during the unloading, a big crowd congregated, the news having spread through the town that the consignment was on its way.
Posted 01/2003