Adverts reprinted from The Sydney Morning Herald 1928/9
Researched and contributed by John Gerdtz

BOYD EDKINS, LTD – 1929 Model SMH advertising campaign.

Boyd Edkins, Ltd were, at the time, NSW Distributors for Buick and these adverts comprised their 1929 model year press advertising campaign in the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper.

The company Boyd Edkins, Ltd survived and today continues to trade as Boyded Holden.

The 1929 model Buicks were announced to the public by Boyd Edkins, Ltd in a press advert placed in the SMH, Wednesday 28th October, 1928. This advertisement invited the public to See the new Buick at the Prince Edward Theatre, To-day, October 31st to November 7th inclusive.

The eleven Silver Anniversary Models offered were:-
116-75h.p. 29-25 5-pass Touring 430
29-24 4-pass Roadster 445
29-27 5-pass Sedan 530
121-91h.p. 29-44 4-pass Roadster 530
29-47 5-pass deLuxe Sedan 635
129-91h.p.29-49 7-pass Touring 585
29-50 7-pass Sedan 795
29-50 7-pass Limousine 845
29-51 5-pass Brougham 755
29-55 5-pass Sports Tourer 595
29-54 4-pass Country Club
Convertible Coupe 650

The following advertisements (thumb nails below) were placed in order of appearance in the SMH on:-
8th November, 1928
21st November, 1928
9th January, 1929
5th February, 1929
8th April, 1929
21st May, 1929
30th September, 1929
Posted 05/2002