Article – Colin Castle
Our Christmas party this year was held at the home of Peter & Lyn Panich. A fabulous day was had by all sitting in the shade of the trees or on the verandah and was the perfect way to while away the hours.
Santa arrived in his 1966 Wildcat Convertible for photos and joined us for lunch.

The caterer supplying a feast as usual with more than enough to feed us all. Barbara Gentilcore went into the pool for a swim, the rest of the women just dangled their legs in.

The property had plenty of sheds and tools and machinery to keep everybody interested. The boys starting in the workshop then onto the blacksmith shed. Then progressing onto the vintage blacksmithing shed. Last, but not least, was the magnificent stone cottage that Peter had built. It was fantastic to look at the work and thought that had gone into the construction of it. It was a most relaxing spot, that we had to go back and get the girls, they had to see it. With much coaxing, we got them to venture down the bottom of the large property and they loved it.

Thank you Peter and Lyn for hosting the day. It never ceases to amaze me how many people are prepared to host a day like this. We as a club have so many skills and diverse interests. Who would have thought we would have a blacksmith teacher in our midst. It was a good roll up and having all the cars parked together on the large property looked great. I’m sure if anybody had gone there the day before, you would have seen Lyn and Peter and their sons getting the place ready. Thank you guys for a great day.
Posted 03/2016