Sunday 22nd June, 2008
Story Virginia Russell – Photos Barbara Gentilcore, Vic Jasiejko, Michael Richmond & Francois Vivot

Well it certainly was a day to remember for many reasons. Even though this is our annual Concours Day, the venue has changed a bit over recent years and John Gerdtz came up with a suggestion this year for it to be held on the grounds in front of the new Rouse Hill Town Centre. I am sure John spent quite a bit of time organising the event with the Town Centre’s Senior Marketing Manager, Tracey Whitaker, and for that I am very thankful. I really appreciate all the help I can get organising our events, and one as big as this one needs a bit more organising. Thank you John for doing so much to secure this great site. I hope we can return there again next year.

The morning was crisp and clear without a mention of clouds in the sky, (well they didn’t come till later). We set out from home at about 7.30 am in our Chev motor home (now known as the Buick Field Kitchen) with the Hornet loaded onto the car trailer behind. Our friends Gary and Belinda followed us in the 28 Roadster.

After a fuel stop along the way, we arrived at Rouse Hill Town Centre at about 8.45 am and already there were a few cars in position. It was freezing cold because the spot for our cars was in the shadow of the town centre until eventually the morning sun rose high enough to warm us up.

At first, there seemed to be only about 10 or so cars and I was worried, I have to say! I had told John we would get 20 cars, no worries! (Tremble, tremble). Anyway, as more and more cars rolled up, I felt very relieved and when the final count was done there were 30 cars I was overjoyed! I was never so pleased to see so many Buicks, and they seemed to keep on coming! Even a few who had never been to Concours Day and others we hadn’t seen in quite a few years at that event. It was a really wonderful display of beautiful Buicks. A display enjoyed by not only all the members of the club attending the day, but the many passers by who came to have a look. Most were in awe of our beautiful machines and were appreciative of the effort involved in getting the cars there and looking so terrific.

Rouse Hill Town Centre was a fantastic draw card for spouses who didn’t really want to spend the day looking at cars. It is a fabulous shopping centre, built in a bit of an old fashioned style with promenades dividing squares of shops, well, come next year and you will see what I mean!

Thank you to all members who braved the winter cold and who went out of your way to bring cars out of storage and clean them up for the day for everyone to appreciate and for an especially terrific effort in supporting your/our club.

The other side to Concours Day is the presentation of trophies. This will be held at the Change-Over Lunch at Olympic Park on Sunday 20th July (see magazine for details).

Posted 07/2008