Story, Barbara Gentilcore – Photos, Francois Vivot & Dallas Gentilcore

Wings over Illawarra Feb 27th 2011

The Gentilcore’s set off early in the 71 Boattail and 66 Riv witnessing a golden sunrise very rarely seen by Dallas! His friend Nick who was celebrating his birthday was along for the ride as well! As usual on a Sunday morning there were many groups of cyclists on the roads and highway.
A drive through Macca’s at Heathcote for the boys breakfast, where there were a group Camaros on their way. A few Morris and Morgans were also passed on the way down.
Micheal driving the Wildcat who had Gabby and friends Mick, Karen and Dominic caught up with the convoy and ventured onto the Albion Park Rail Showgrounds which was the car muster point.
Meeting up with the other Buicks, good mornings exchanged, payment and wristbands purchased, the muster point was a bit small and disorganised but eventually there was movement at the showground.
It was a short journey to the Airfield, the club parked their cars, and morning tea was the first order of the day after Camp Buick was set up by the fellas in the middle of the cars. How many Buicks members does it take to put up the Buick Tent? (That’s another article!)
It was very hot and humid with “Some” members making it a mates only day doing secret business and some made it a family day. Reading the paper and chatting with some knitting thrown in were mixed up with watching the planes and checking out the displays.

The RAAF Balloon a very popular free activity which ran out of gas about 11am. Would have been a great place to take a photo but not to be.
7 Buicks participated in the Active Car Display with commentary by Barbara G. Thankfully it stayed dry this year.

Sadly the Roulettes were grounded so didn’t attend. The Army Red Berets dropped in a couple of times with our flag flying proudly. A couple of helicopters put out a fire showing the bush fire angle. Connie belched a lot of smoke when she was started up and the F111 showed its capabilities for a short while.
The display was over, the tent folded up and most members said goodbye and left. Those still there witnessed most of the planes taking off to go home including the Sky crane!

Dallas, Nick and the Riv went the quick way home to deliver the birthday boy for dinner while the Wildcat and Boattail drove home via the coast road along the over ocean bridge, stopping at Stanwell Tops to watch the hang gliders. It was dark by the time the cars were washed and put to bed. A long but enjoyable day with the Buick Car Club NSW.

Posted 04/2011