Phil Green’s photos from the Tasmanian Nationals, 2012. Story Barbara Gentilcore

Tasmanian Nationals 2012

An Overview

A great 18 days of Nationals and Post Tour around Tasmania – 4,600 (round trip) kilometres were travelled and lots of what Tasmania has to offer was seen but there is still more to see! What a lovely state of Australia!

Thanks Dave, Graeme, Aileen & Norma and your helpers for a good program and being our hosts of your lovely state. You turned on some great weather too thanks. Tasmania is very impressively geared to the tourist with so much information, pamphlets at accommodation
and any tourist venue visited.

Out of 34 entries, 27 Buicks and 1 Cadillac participated with 71 Adults and 8 children. Everyone enjoyed meeting and spending time with our 4 overseas visitors Dale and Dianne Wilkinson and Everett and Sheryle Ayres from Seattle. Dale drove Dave’s Chaffey’s cream 76 Le Sabre two-door custom hardtop and Everett and Sheryle were chauffeured in several of Dave’s other cars which changed as problems occurred. Luckily he has a few to choose from! Celebrations during the Meet included Bryson and Ione’s wedding anniversary and Ranald Grant turned 60 and celebrated with a surprise family visit. Sadly Adrian Dearling couldn’t attend having just had heart surgery. Our thoughts were passed onto him and he was awarded the Hard Luck Trophy which was graciously accepted by his daughter Vicki.

Congratulations to the Nationals winners:
1930-40 Winner: Dave & Coleen Wilson (Qld)
Runner up: Ivy Macdonald (Tas/NSW)
1940-49 Winner: Ian & Margaret Baxter (WA)
Runner up: Phil & Mary Green (NSW)
1950-59 Winner: Stewart & Delys Syme (WA)
Runner up: Martin Jansen (Qld)
1960-69 Winner: Peter & Marg Hill (Vic)
Runner up: Tony & Barbara Gentilcore (NSW)
1970-79 Winner: Ray & Mary Cook (Vic)
Runner up: Peter & Bev Nicholson (WA)
Grand Champion: Dave & Coleen Wilson (Qld)
Furthest return Journey: John & Sue Bell (WA).

Rod Davidson later presented the Rod Davidson trophy to the oldest car that travelled the most distance and it was awarded to Hedley and Barbara Dearling in their 1930 Roadster, who came from Toowoomba, Qld.
Shannon’s trophies were for the cars that the Shannons (Vic & Tas) CEO Rodney Belbine would like in his garage, he attended the show & shine and chose Hedley Dearling’s 1930 Roadster and Ben Spannenberg’s 1953 Riviera.

Some losses along the way with Barbara losing her camera SD card and Colleen Wilson minus some sapphires from one of her rings. As with most meets there are always some mechanical issues and this meet was no different. There were car park and roadside repairs, minor and major breakdowns ranging from 40’s to the 70’s with a couple of cars needing transport home. Car owners were very appreciative of assistance from other Buick members to help them on their way. It’s always interesting watching the guys leaning over looking under the bonnets. It was very sad to see the amount of roadkill all over Tassie, but I guess one contra was that the Raven’s were well fed. Some observations from touring around the Apple Isle – Piles of wood everywhere along fence lines or in garages along the wall and chimneys everywhere with smoke billowing.

For those that know me well and my penchant for photographing funghi, this Tasmanian Meet excelled with many types of funghi found. Thank you to the Buick members who let me know where some were lurking. It’s the right time of the year for a fantastic funghi discovery!

We had a great time and will be back again.
Posted 08/2012