Our trip to the Lost in the 50’s Museum
Story & Photos – Barbara Gentilcore

Tony and Barbara set off in the ’71 Boattail on a cloudy and overcast day, meeting up with Michael and Gabi Richmond who were driving the Wildcat Convertible. It was hello to the Boattail cricket! (an annoying squeak behind the vents that visits every now and then!). Along Mona Vale Rd the gums were flowering, orange Calliopsis line the road and the usual cyclists were out in large groups and dogs being walked. Michael showed that the Telegraph Road shortcut was a lot quicker than Tony’s Pacific Highway! Took a while for Tony to catch up. The freeway drive was interesting from a near miss with a 4WD, a swaying Trimaran, clumps of flannel flowers, the bursts of cream blossoms in the canopy of tall green gums and roadworks here and there. The meeting spot was the truck car park at the Wyong Freeway Service Centre at Wyong. It’s a great spot to park together with plenty of room, the Chrysler Club were there at the same time and previously the Holden Car Club gathered there as well.
There were morning greetings, coffee and for some breakfast was enjoyed before leaving at 11am to find our final destination with the very good directions from the Massey’s run sheet. There were many happy motorists looking, waving and thumbs up as they passed the Buick convoys. On arrival at Lost in the 50’s everyone parked in all directions meeting up with a few already there. It was a great roll up of Buick members with a few cars and people from the Old Car Social Club joining in.

Everyone was rather amazed at the collection housed in the large shed. The number of cars and the ’50’s American and Memorabilia was mind blowing, very interesting and brought back lots of memories for many. Owners: Glen and Kelly Jennings were on hand to chat and inform. Included in the 36 car collection is a Batmobile, Delorean, Eleanor, Hot Rods and Muscle Cars of the 50’s & 60’s. There were many photo opportunities with the cars and other things eh Claus! A couple of young ladies were dressed in 50’s gear and fitted in very well and had the Buick ladies remembering their circular skirts and rope petticoats etc! Lunchtime of many menus was enjoyed in the sun. For those that taste tested and heartily approved the Pumpkin Loaf and Spiced Swirl Cake offered by Barbara they are available in the latest Woolworths Fresh magazine.

The usual Run attendees were there and it was great to see some newer members coming along, Wayne joined us from the foothills along with a couple of friends and Wendy and Claus had some friends attending as well. After lunch Gary Ferrett tested a Boattail that the owner had for sale. The venue was closed by 3.30pm so everyone sadly moved on home with some taking a detour via Lake Munmorrah. Another part of NSW seen thanks to the Buick Car Club Monthly Runs. Thanks Geraldine & Greg.

Posted 12/2012