Sunday 19th Feb was a cloudy morning on the northside with the sun just peeking through the clouds. Tony & Barbara set off in the 71 Boattail and encountered the usual Sunday morning traffic of cycle groups and exercise enthusiasts walking and taking the dog for a walk. Leaves and debri were scattered everywhere after a violent storm the night before.

The journey continued past Homebush and onto the M4 over a new bridge recently completed. The Light Horse Interchange is an interesting interpretation of the horses from WW1 with the orange poles and tails at the top.           Nearby is a massive power corridor with 5 lines of massive stanchions stretching into the distance. The road was elevating causing ears to pop, with lovely blossoms and berries evident along the road with massive towering gums.           The towns of Glenbrook, Lapstone, Blaxland, Warimoo, Valley Heights, Springwood were passed through finally arriving at Faulconbridge following the signs to Norman Lindsay’s Gallery.

There were quite a few Buicks parked outside already so Tony & Barbara went for some morning tea in the Cafe meeting up with a table full of Buick friends. After that in two groups everyone went on a escorted tour of the Etching Studio & Painting Studio. The tour guide was very knowledgeable and imparted a lot of information.           Norman one of many talented siblings showing his talent from an early age. He was a cartoonist for the Bulletin for many years


After that there was free time to wander the garden gallery in the house which is owned by the National Trust. There were oil paintings, etchings, watercolours, drawings and sculpture of nudes and cats along with novels (The Magic Pudding), ship models and memorabilia to view.

The property is known as “Springwood”. Norman and his second wife Rose purchased the property in 1913 which at that time was a Stone cottage. Norman & Rose lived there until his death at the age of 90 in 1969. They made many additions and improvements to the property over the years leaving his own distinctive mark.

There is a diverse range of trees on the property including Conifers, Magnolias, Coral Trees surrounded on three sides by a tall Eucalypt Forest. Many of Normans sculptures are dotted around the garden. There a few of the local birds present in the garden enjoying the grass and trees.

Buick Members and cars that attended: Francois & Francine Vivot with Anne Marie Adams (26) Geoff & Pam Ward (28) Kim Osborn (36) Colin & Dawn (50) with visitors Ted & Anne, Colin & Annette Booth from Kiama (64 Skylark) Greg & Geraldine Massey (68 Riv) Peter & Lyn Panich (70 Electra) Claus & Wendy Gronau (71 Riviera)           Ray & Susan McMaster (73 Riviera)

Gary & Janice Ferrett, John & Maggie Saddington, Peter & Gwen Allen and Mike Doggett all attended in moderns.

Everyone gathered under some trees with their tables and chairs for lunch with a couple of benches borrowed from around the garden! The clouds cleared, the sun was shining making it quite steamy.   Barbara’s slice was well received and devoured!           After food it was time for car discussions out on the road with bonnets up and test drives to check noises in Claus’s car.

There was some discussion about trees in the garden which John Saddington was able to help with.           The trees in question were massive Magnolia trees with green seed pods that the Sulphur Crested Cockatoos were enjoying chewing and dropping.

First Aid was needed (thankfully provided by Mike Doggett) for Greg who argued with a Blackberry bush and came off second best. That incident made me realise that we all need to carry a First Aid Kit in every car.

Tony & Barbara left around 2pm following Claus & Wendy home as backup in case the noise developed into anything serious.

It was a very enjoyable and informative outing in a lovely area. Thanks Geraldine.

Article – Barbara Gentilcore