March NSW Run – Jazz in the Pines at Dural

Sunday 18th March was going to be a very hot day. The sky was blue and sunny when Tony & Barbara left the Northside. Driving along there were the usual Sunday cyclists and lovely purple Tibochina flowering prolifically. There was a regular rattling going on during the drive along the M2, coudn’t work out what it was. Tony said that we need the stethiscope to help isolate! The journey was very quick, only 45 mins arriving at The Pines which incorporated ‘Roughley House’ c 1856. Jazz in the Pines is a fundraiser for the local Rotary Club.

The 8 Buicks were given pride of place on show at the entrance.

Francois & Francine Vivot (1927 McLaughlin Sports Tourer)

Colin & Dawn Castle (1929 Roadster)

Gary & Janice Ferret (Chevelle)

Bob & Linda Farrow (1963 Le Sabre)

Kim Osborn (1936 Roadmaster)

Greg & Geraldine Massey (68 Riviera)

Tony & Barbara Gentilcore (71 Riviera) – some of the seating was branded “Riviera’

John Stewart & fiance Helen arrived in the recently acquired (83 Riviera Convertible) very nice

John & Maggie Saddington (1966 Skylark)

Attending in Moderns: Wendy & Claus Gronau, Paul & Ursula White & Graham Weekes

The Buick area reserved consisted of 4 tables like an Italian Wedding set up under the pines. Most of the afternoon there was a reasonable breeze to keep comfortable, windy at times with bits falling from the trees. Morning Tea goodies were shared around and everyone settled listening to some pre-lunch music provided by a local school band. They were pretty good. There were the usual inspections of the cars and discussions amongst the men while the Ladies chatted. It was lovely to see Kim Osborn attending.

Some took the time then to tour the house with a gentleman who was a descendant of the original owners. It was pretty warm and airless up the top!

Roughley House commands views of the Blue Mountains and North Western Sydney and is actually the highest point in Sydney!  Five generations of the Roughley family have farmed on the land and it was sold to the Hills Shire Council for a minimal sum.  The house is filled with furniture, ornaments, toys & clothing of the ‘Colonial life’,  each generation adding their stamp.  There is also a book written about the family’s 126 years of living in the house called ‘A Loftier Race’ written by Roughly family members.

At lunch time various different packed lunches appeared along with the band and jazz music, with Lucky Door prizes but no winners on our table! The afternoon was finished with tea, coffee and lovely Apple Pie from the Information Centre close by. Everyone left around 3 with blisteringly hot buckles on the car seats. A quick journey home with some lovely clouds in the sky.

Thank you Geraldine for an another enjoyable Monthly Run.

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From the pen and camera of Barbara G