Sunday 24th duly dawned sunny on the Northside, but it was cold. Leaving 7.45am the sky was blue and the trip was the usual Sunday morning with quite a few MAMILS on the road. (ie Mature Age Men in Lycra)

There were still some autumnal tones around here and there. Tony commented that It was good driving without any roadworks on the M2 for a change! Exiting onto Old Windsor Road the new Rail Line is very visible in the landscape. It was quite a quick trip arriving around 8.30. Very late notice from management meant that not all our usual area was available due to an Ice Scating Rink on our lawn! Display and Concours cars arrived and parked with assistance from Bob Farrow. The orange gate was very admirably attended by Geraldine, Greg & Linda. Judges from the CMC Terry Bebbington & Kevin Brown were early and rearing to go. It was so cold in the shade everyone moved into any area where there was sun to greet, have a chat and a coffee to warm up with some Carrot Loaf to taste. There were 23 Buicks and 1 Lincoln Towncar on display with half of the Buicks being judged.. The ladies enjoyed some shopping and browsing with many sales on. Visitors were Dave Scrimgeour. After lunch it was time for the usual Group Photo in a different spot and then the announcement of the winners. A last coffee and off home around 3

Congratulations to the Winners:

1920-1929 Manuel Lykos 1923 Tourer

1930-1939 Kim Osborn 1936 Roadmaster

1940-1949 Phil Virgona 1940 Special

1950-1959 Colin Castle !950 Super Convertible

1960-1969 Vince Bosco 1966 Wildcat Convertible

1970 to Modern John Stewart 1983 Riviera Convertible

Grand Champion Phil & Mary Green 1937 Century 8/60

Most Original Hans Spannenberg (1964 Skylark Coupe) driven by Ken Spannenberg

Other members attending: Geoff Ward (1928 Tourer), Peter & Gwen Allen (1929 Marquette), Lloyd Bracher (1930 Marquette), Rob McBrien (1931 Special), Ron & Bev Noonan (1941 Super), Gary & Janice Ferrett (1955 Riviera Coupe) Robert & Linda Farrow (1963 LeSabre), Tony & Barbara Gentilcore (1965 Riviera Coupe), John & Maggie Saddington (1966 Skylark), Peter & Lyn Panich (1967 Wildcat Convertible), Greg & Geraldine Massey (1968 Riviera Coupe), Mark Laycock (1972 Electra Coupe), Hans & Alison Spannenberg (1973 Electra), Geoff Heaton (1977 Lincoln), John & Barbara Gerdtz (1978 Park Avenue), Jim & Virginia Russell (1980 Park Avenue)

Another very successful monthly outing Geraldine. All the winners will receive their awards at the Presentation/Changeover Lunch in July. Hope you have a great day, I will be thinking of you all in Adelaide!

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