August Run – Shannon’s Eastern Creek Classic
Sunday August 12th turned out to be a lovely sunny, day on the Northside in Davidson. Tony & Barbara were driving the 65 to Shannon’s Classic at Eastern Creek. There were lots of pink blossoms and purple Magnolia’s on the way. Through the back streets Tony was making the most of the curves with Barbara commenting ‘We’re not at Eastern Creek yet’.

Along the way there were the usual cyclists, dog walkers with coffee in hand, wattles in bloom and brilliant pink and red Camellias flowering.
A few raindrops were falling along the way and the sky was going grey and it was getting cool. What was it going to be like out there? We passed a little Fiat 500, a green English 2 named car and then a Fiat 600. The guys in that car were wearing ear plugs and arrived sometime after we had parked the car in the Buick section. Arriving earlier than previous years there was a traffic jam from the roundabout and took 15 mins to get in! Morning Tea was coffee and Barbara’s Wholemeal Loaf and Margaret Cook’s very nice Apple Cake. A great roll up of 22 Buicks and a Mercedes friend. Good to see Mike Belfield, a recouperating Bev Noonan and the McMaster family attending in Ray’s memory.

Cars attending: Manuel Lycos (1924), Peter Cook (1925), Peter Allen (1929) Kim Osborn (1936), Rob McBrien (1937), Ron & Bev Noonan (1938 Hot Rod), Mike Belfield (1946), Paul Camilleri (1947), Michael McMaster (1948 convertible), Mike Doggett (1948), Gary Ferrett (1955), Hans & Alison Spannenberg (1963 Electra Conv), Tony & Barbara Gentilcore (1965 Riviera), Vince Bosco (1966 Wildcat Conv), John & Maggie Saddington (1966 Skylark), Paul Camilleri (1966 Riviera), Rod Learmonth (1967 Riviera), Greg Massey (1968 Riviera), Grant McMaster (1967 Riviera), Mark Laycock (1972 Electra Coupe), Susan McMaster (1973 Riv Boattail) John Stewart (1983 Riviera)

In one of the Classic Car Clubs from the South Coast display was a Blue 1925 Buick in original condition. Visitors on the day were Paul Unicomb from Wollongong and Mark McInnes from Mittagong. The Buick club slot on the track was 12.45 and was rather congested so the Buicks were spread all over the place. Everyone enjoys the run on the track. The weather cooled in the afternoon and after coffee and doughnuts Tony & Barbara left for a quick trip home.

Photos & story by Barbara Gentilcore

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