Sunday was a very hot day with sunny blue sky and clouds. Some Jacarandas were still flowering and the bouganvilleas were very colourful. While in the M5 tunnel we passed a Massive can on trailer! An advertising gimmick I think. There were a few roadworks over the Hume Highway and by the time we reached Ingleburn the sky was hazy.

We were travelling to Camden to Gary & Janice Ferrett’s who have opened their home for the club. Thanks guys. There were a couple of Buicks parked in the street, but we travelled in a modern. The covered back yard was full of tables and people enjoying a drink while chatting some dressed in Christmas Cheer with shirts, hats, jewellery etc

Santa and his helper came to visit and was very thankful for funds raised for Westmead Children’s Hospital. Santa was popular for group photos, couples, loving the ladies sitting on his lap and a few guys as well!

It was lovely to see new members there celebrating and to catch up with some older members not seen for a while. Xmas Lunch and dessert were served and enjoyed. Thanks to Garry & Janice for their generosity of a venue to celebrate together before breaking for the year.

A mini Spanner & Natter occurred just near Garry’s garage looking at some equipment. Maggie & Janice enjoyed dipping their feet in the spa and Maggie not one to waste an opportunity continued knitting!

Lucky Door prizes of car care products added to the celebration. A good time was had by all with a good trip home. Another year finished, where did it go? See you in 2019.

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