Tony & Barbara left the Northside at 8am in the 71 Riv Boattail to attend this meet at a new venue at Cambelltown. It is an option for Buick members but is one that has always had Buick members attend with a few winners in various categories. It is run by Mustang Owners Club and in it’s 37th year. Todays donation of $10,000 will be going to the Children’s Hospital.

In a short distance we encountered the usual walkers, dog walkers, parent with prams walking most on their phones! It was overcast and evident that it had rained overnight. Oh Dear another squeak! Through the tunnel, onto M5 discussing coffee and Ricotta Cake, crossed the Georges River, past the Cutler VC Interchange and the Australian Defence Force Memorial Plantation to lovely rolling hills with cattle grazing and Oleanders growing roadside of McArthur which was a reminder of Italy.

Passed and followed a few Yank Tanks and where we went right they went ahead but we arrived first at the same place. Tony’s comment was “That’s what happens when one dickhead follows another” Once parked Camp Buick appeared at the back of the Skyhawk being a short car and it was definitely time for coffee. Sustenance was Barbara’s freshly baked Ricotta cake. Yum.

The Buick section was luckily under cover which was great. Parking was a little tight for the big cars. Great attendance of 12 Buicks. Those who weren’t members were encouraged by others to join.

Kim Osborn (36), Jim & Virginia Russell (77 Skyhawk), Barbara & Tony G (71 Riv), Ron Noonan (83 Riv), Mark Laycock (72 Electra), Manuel & Helen Lycos (23), Bob & Linda Farrow (63), Keith Garzoli (56) Dave Scrimgeour (62) New member Rabih Kabbara (Invicta 59), Ash Lal (87 Gran National)  not yet a member (72 Centurion)

Visitors: Wayne Benedetti, Lyn and grand daughter

There were multiple shops for the ladies to check out and bag a few bargains which they did several times. Part of the entrance fee was discount to some of the food outlets. Handy for coffee and lunch. Tony & Barbara tried the Canadian Street food having recently been in Canada.

One advantage of this venue is everything is on the one level, some covered. There were 430 cars attending, 205 Mustangs. There were a few PT Cruisers to get some information re a problem with Barbara’s PT so hopefully the problem can be fixed for good.

The Presentation was at 3pm. While it may seem to be a late time the President mentioned that it takes their judging teams that long to do the judging, sort and finalise the results. He did a great job as the MC. Congratulations to new Buick member Rabih for winning 1st prize for Stock Interior of his 59 Invicta. Quite an impressive trophy.

After the presentation was complete time for another coffee, goodbyes and off home. An enjoyable day in quite pleasant weather.

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