An overview from the Co-ordinator

A great Buickful weekend for the 12th East Coast Meet was recently held in Tamworth hosted by the NSW club. 39 Buicks from the 20’s to 1983 with a total of 80 people. 1 from Vic, 1 from ACT, 26 from NSW and 12 from Qld. We had a couple of local members come visit also.

It was lovely to see long time member Shirley Parr and her family attend and enjoy themselves catching up with old Buick friends.

From Registration, Meet n Greet with Welcome Drinks & Dinner, Saturday spent around the Quirindi area at the Heritage Rural Village and surrounding interests, Roast Dinner at Paradise Park, Sunday Show n Shine at the Shannons Country Car Show, free afternoon, Country Presentation Dinner & Line dancing and Farewell Breakfast the weekend was busy.

From the Evaluations forms it seems that everyone had a great weekend and we don’t need to do much to make it better except something more for the ladies at Show n Shine!

Congratulations to: Best of Show: Martin Jansen & Terese 1956 Roadmaster
R/U: Colin & Dawn Castle 1929 Roadster

Best of Decade 1920-1929: Colin & Dawn Castle 1929 Roaster
R/U: Geoff & Pam Ward 1928 Tourer

Best of Decade 1930-1939: Kevin & Barbara Jones 1934 Coupe
R/U: Dave & Colleen Wilson 1934 Sedan

Best of Decade 1940-1959: Phil & Mary Green 1949 Sedanette
R/U: Bryson & Ione Talamini 1952

Best of Decade: 1960-1969: Richard & Chrissie Banks 1965 Riviera Coupe
R/U: Grahame Weekes 1963 Skylark Convertible

Best of Decade: 1970 to Modern: Greg & Geraldine Massey 1883 Riviera Conv.
R/U: Tony & Barbara Gentilcore 1971 Riviera

Highly Recommended: Len & Fran Wright 1948 Convertible
Highly Recommended: Peter & Margaret Cook 1925 Tourer

Best Car & Era Fashion: Helen & John Stewart 1983 Convertible & 80’s Era Fashion
R/U: Kevin & Barbara Jones 1934 Coupe & 30’s Era Fashion

Best Era Fashion Male: Geoff Ward 1928 Tourer

Best Era Fashion Female: Terese Gleeson 1955 Rock n Roller

A very big thank you to the committee for your commitment to the organising and fulfilment of this event for the NSW Buick Car Club. To Maggie and her little band of knitters using cotton grown by Qld members Jeff & Marilyn Bidstrup.

Thank you to Wendy Gronau who kept the committee fed with lunch while they were busy organising in Tamworth. Congratulations also as Wendy won a Fuel Voucher at the Shannon’s Car Show.

It is over to the Qld club now for the 13th East Coast Meet 2021 somewhere in NSW and hopefully with no elections in sight!

Barbara Gentilcore

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