Annual Concours NSW at Rouse Hill Shopping Centre June 9th June

Even though the date was earlier than usual and on a long weekend the roll up was pretty good with 18 cars attending including 1 Cadillac.

Barbara & Tony left the Northside in the 71 Riv around 8 on a cool sunny day with lots of cyclists on the road. There were still a few trees showing their Autumn Tones. It was very foggy in places on the M2 and M7. The trip was quite quick, just over an hour and already a few cars were in position.

The morning wasn’t as cold as usual when we are there so everyone was enjoying the sun and warmth, Some hilarity erupted from the end where the 20’s cars were as some people tried to get in and out of Jims 101 year old 1918 Buick. I really thought that Dawn was laying an egg! Morning coffee was the next thing to do.

There was much conversation going on especially when the bonnets were up for judging by CMC judges Terry Bobbington, Kevin Brown & Grant Moiler. Thank you gentlemen.

A few of the ladies checked out the shops and sales.
What was amazing was the increase in foot traffic coming to see the cars thanks to the new Metro with its very impressive station in front of the cars. A very large contingent of Chinese tourists got off and came to look at the cars, receiving a few lessons in Car Etiquette!

Everyone was invited to Grilled for lunch at which Gary’s birthday was celebrated with Coffee & very tasty cake thanks Janice. After that it was a bit hard to get everyone moving for the Group Photo after which the winners of the Concours were announced.

Was lovely to see John Stewart with his daughter Michelle, Steve and family in the convertible. Michelle & had their faces painted.

The shopping centre Management chose the Massey’s 68 to win a voucher. Congratulations.

Congratulations to the Decade Winners:

1900-1919 Jim & Virginia Russell1918 Hornet
1920-1929 Manuel & Helen Lykos 1923/35 Tourer
1930-1939 Kim Osborn 1936 8-80X Roadmaster Sedan
1940-1949 Uncontested
1950-1959 Gary & Janice Ferrett 1955/56R
1960-1969 Graham Weekes 1963 Skylark Convertible
1970 to Mod Tony & Barbara Gentilcore 1971 Riviera

Grand Champion: Graham Weekes

Most Original: Dave & Kathie Scrimgeour 1962

Around 3ish there were only a few members left, luckily to help Jim with a push after the 1918 Hornet wouldn’t keep going. It was a quick trip home for us.

A good day with lots of Buick Fellowship on a lovely Buickful Day. See you next at the Presentation & Changeover Lunch July 21.

Barbara Gentilcore

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