Whilst always being an avid car enthusiast the vintage car craze for myself began in early 2016. I was driving along New Canterbury Road, heading towards Hurlstone Park (Sydney, NSW), where I noticed a maroon vintage car parked on the side of the road with a for sale sign, becoming aware that it was a Buick Tourer I then proceeded to park my vehicle to approach the car.

Upon inspection I noticed the rag top and roof rails were missing along with the spare wheel carrier and other incomplete pieces at that moment I made a decision to contact the owner who informed me of what was not original regarding the vehicle, for instance; the front bench seat was out of a Toyota Hiace and the paint work was not the greatest alongside the nickel plated parts which were painted over, I evaluated the information and came to the conclusion that this was not my ideal vintage car preferring it to be original and complete,

in spite of this I remained on a quest to find a more suitable car.

My pursuit continued and another opportunity presented itself through “Unique Cars Magazine” I discovered another 1923 Buick Tourer in Cobalt Blue although this one was a rare McLaughlin original right hand drive, therefore in anticipation I contacted the seller who stated it was just about sold, nevertheless the seller kindly offered to communicate if this was to fail.

One month elapsed and the next edition of “Unique Cars Magazine” became available and much to my surprise I noticed the same Buick Tourer was still being advertised, Enthusiastically I contacted the seller who notified he was awaiting funds to complete the sale of his 1923 Buick Tourer and reassured he would make contact if the sale was not to happen.

As time passed with no sight of the 1923 Buick Tourer being advertised, thus I began my search via the internet where I noticed the same 1923 Buick Tourer for sale, being eager I contacted the seller though was left without a response, months continued

to pass and the advertisement regarding the vehicle remained on the internet, I however

persisted to contact the seller and unfortunately no answer therefore assuming it was sold.

One year and a half slipped away though my quest for the vehicle continued.

My search on the internet remained however on this occasion I noticed the advert for the vehicle had now been updated and decided to try contacting the seller again only this time with a glimmer of hope, I forwarded a message via text, expressing “Please call me urgently”

and shortly there after I received a telephone call from a lady advising to get in touch with her brother, I explained to her that I had been attempting on numerous occasions to contact the seller though no response, the lady assured me over the phone that she would get her brother to contact me.

Not having received any communication I grasped my chances to contact the seller the following day and with great relief he answered. I explained that I had been trying to contact him for the last year and a half, he apologised and explained to me that the sale fell through on the 1923 Buick Tourer at the time and therefore he and his siblings decided to retain the Buick for sentimental reasons, however he had now decided it was time to relist the Buick and therefore I was able to schedule an appointment for viewing.

The day had arrived to inspect the vehicle which was located at Wentworthville (Sydney, NSW) as I approached the property in anticipation, Lord behold there she was gleaming in Cobalt Blue, I was greeted by the owner a very humble man who informed that the Buick was originally his father’s (Don Jones), who was a former Buick Club member who had passed away.

I inspected the vehicle and was able to take it for a test drive, I knew right there and then my pursuit for purchasing a vintage vehicle was finally over as I strongly believed this was the perfect fit, we negotiated on a price and the Buick was finally in my possession three days later.

The seller explained the whole story about when they bought the Buick in 1981 on Valentines Day and how his father (Don Jones) and himself (Glen Jones) and family restored it to her former glory (what a sensational job they did), the Jones family nicknamed the Buick Valentine because she was purchased on Valentines day. The Buick still looks like a fresh restoration to this day, all credit goes to the (Jones) family for restoring ‘Valentine’ to her former glory.

My responsibility as the new custodian is to maintain (Valentine) 1923 Buick Tourer which is nearly a century old! and pass it on to my daughter (Annelise) at the right time leaving her to appreciate the history of this splendid vehicle including the stories and memories that came through it.

This magnificent 1923 Buick Tourer is a McLaughlin Canadian build original right hand drive,

and up to now I have replaced all four tyres on the vehicle, tuned and given it a service, the

vehicle has original matching numbers four cylinder which is coupled to a three speed gear box, the radiator shrouding is all original nickel plated with its original honey comb radiator, furthermore she has an awkward foot pedal configuration with the accelerator placed in the middle. Valentine drives beautifully along the road and I hope to continue driving her as long as I can.

Manuel Lykos