MY FAVORITE BUICK IS 1934 AND IT WAS MY FIRST BUICK                                                 by Greg Massey

My first Buick was a 1934 Holden Body 8/40 Sedan.  I retrieved it from a barn outside of Camden, NSW, back in the early 1970’s.     It was in need of restoration but never-the-less it was a complete vehicle.  I commenced the restoration process and concentrated on rebuilding the wooden body frames which had rotted over the years.  I sold the ’34 in the early 1980’s, partly restored and running and, unfortunately, I have lost contact with it and don’t know its ongoing journey.

The 1934 Buick particularly appealed to me, as automobile styles were shifting from the squarer 1920’s look to the more streamlined art deco style of the ‘30’s.  The ’34 and ’35 model Buicks captured the best of the previous 1920’s models and the early 1930’s version which, to me, gave them a much individualised style that still stands out today as quintessential art deco automotive architecture.

This theme is carried throughout the décor inside the car and is demonstrated in the light fittings, the pull down curtain shades as well as the décor that surrounds the dashboard and instrument panel.

Mechanically, my 8/40 straight eight had the 283cid motor, which was capable of taking off (slowly) in top gear without any effort.  However, when the gears were used, as intended, it would just drive away effortlessly and quietly with comfort and ease.

The six wheel equipped 8/40 Holden body Buick was a true icon of the time and a testament to both GM (USA) and Holden Body Builders in South Australia on how to bring a very stylish classic car from the USA to Australia.