Our journey to owning and enjoying our Buick and the Buick Family

by Bob & Linda Farrow

In 2013, as I had never owned a V8 car before, I thought it was about time I did. I started looking around for a Statesman or Ford Fairlane around an early 2000ish model, when a friend from Newcastle, who is in the Chev Club, suggested that I look for a classic car with a V8. I searched online, casually, but not seriously. Then, on my way to Blacktown to pick up some service parts for my Harley, I saw the 1963 Buick LeSabre. I stopped to have a look at the car which was in the Paulico Motors dealership. He had two classic cars at the time, one being the LeSabre and a 1966 Oldsmobile 98 two door, both were fully registered ready to go.

I went home, told Linda about them, and went back the next day to have another look, also sent some photos to my friend in Newcastle to show him what I had found. My friend got back to me and said the LeSabre was a nicer looking car. Linda also preferred the LeSabre as, in her words, the Oldsmobile was white and she did not want another white car. I was of two minds which one I preferred but the longer I looked, the Oldsmobile began to look more plain compared to the LeSabre. So, the deal was done and we now own the LeSabre.

After a few minor repairs, water pump and a service, our first outing was up to Ettalong for a small car show/Elvis day. All was going well until Mooney Mooney Bridge where, on the climb up the hill, the temperature light came on. Thinking that maybe a hose had come off, I pulled over to check, big mistake, as that’s when the car boiled and emptied the radiator. Filled the radiator up after waiting a while only to have it overflow again (those nail heads hold the heat very well). We then limped to the service station for some more water and to let it cool down some more. Eventually, we made it to Ettalong and home with no more drama, took the radiator for service and was told it was almost completely blocked, have had no more overheating problems since (touch wood).

We attended a few more events with our friends from Newcastle. Then, we were on a weekend away with our caravan club at Eugowra when a group of classic cars came and parked in the main street. Seeing a mid ‘50’s red and white Buick, I spoke to the owner, Gary Ferrett, who told me about the G.M. Day at Panthers. We decided to go to the day not knowing what to expect, on arrival we were welcomed and directed to where the Buicks were to be parked. As we were early, being only two other Buicks there, we parked and waited for more to arrive. As more Buicks arrived, people were interested in our car and made us feel very welcome. We decided to join the club and have enjoyed many outings including the NSW Nationals, Victorian Club’s 50th Anniversary, East Coast Meet in Tamworth and many more to come.

Since owning the LeSabre, I have done a few repairs, front suspension parts, universals and centre bearing, also a few other repairs of the transmission and a sump gasket that I will write about later.

Since joining the Buick family, I have learnt a lot about the make and Linda and myself have enjoyed the friendship of all the members.