The Kurri Kurri Nostalgia Festival usually has a pretty good Car Show on the Sunday so I thought it might be a good time to get together a few Riviera Owners plus Buick Club members. Victoria and Queensland organised their Riviera Owners Day on the very same day so it was almost a national event.
The weather was a bit iffy so I guess some people decided not to attend the car show so numbers were down all round.
Normally they have 400+ cars but this time there may have been half that.

We only had 4 Rivieras and 1 Buick Centurian owned by John Stewart but made the most of it and enjoyed chatting cars most of the day, as you do. The ladies checked out the shops and stalls. There were bands playing, dancing competitions and many stalls to help while the hours away and a variety of food trucks. Our most popular entertainer was the guy selling umbrellas in front of where we sat who had a line for every sales opportunity walking past; “Umbrellas to keep your chips dry, umbrellas to keep your kids dry, umbrellas to keep your pan cakes dry etc”. We got talking to him and it turns out he lives in the same street as the Ferretts.

This was Gary & Janice Ferrett’s 69 Riviera’s inaugural run and it performed very well I was told.
Richard & Chrissy Banks brought their lovely 65 Riviera, Jim & Virginia Russell brought their recently acquired Blue 74 Riviera and we took the 71 Riv Boattail.

Luckily there was an Vinnies Op Shop open and we all had a gander in there looking for something to wear for the Presentation Dinner in Dubbo at the Nationals. Dress code is Op Shop Formal. Luckily I found a black dinner suit which fits me perfectly and Janice found me a waterproof jacket to keep me warm and dry as I had forgotten to bring one.

The rain was quite light every now and then but about 2 o’clock it got quite heavy so we packed up and shot through.

Hopefully next year we’ll be in a La Niña and not a El Niño so more of our members will attend.

Hope to see you there.
Tony Gentilcore